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This website is about the second


which existed from

November 29th, 1945 - April 26th, 1992


I do not say, that this was the best era in history, but I also do not say, that it was the worst.

I keep myself neutral.

But, what can not be denied is, that it was an era in our history.


It was, what it was.

At least, it was home for millions of people, over decades.

People who lived and loved, laughed and cried, enjoyed and suffered, slept and worked, succeded and failed.

Simply, it was their life.


I want to show the world here, what these people used during their daily life.

Which documents they had, which tools they used, how their money looked like and what we still remember today.


What I do NOT WANT here is politics!

If you want politics, racism or nationalism, please feel free to leave!